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2020/21: performative participatory installation. Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien in cooperation with Elisabeth Handl / 1000AND1


FINGERPRINTS ARE THE IMPRINT AND EXPRESSION OF IDENTITY - EVERYONE LEAVES TRACES AND FINGERPRINTS THROUGH ACTIONS AND NON-ACTIONS. Whether we welcome or reject the other, the foreign which traces/fingerprints can pass, which of them are excluded, real and mental borders decide. The performative participatory installation questions the traces we leave behind, reveals their metamorphosis through the contribution of others and the denial of aspects of our historical presence through social norms, framework conditions or personal actions.

The centuries-old tradition of the art of sugar embossing, masterfully practiced by the Viennese from the Baroque to the Biedermeier period, merges with the tradition of “Schluckbilder” (swallowing pictures). They represent printed wafers which were widely used from the 18th to the 20th century as spiritual medicine for humans and animals to cure various ailments. It creates access to what we reveal, make accessible or incorporate through our fingerprints/traces.

Image credit: Elisabeth Handl

2020: Performative partizipative Installation, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz/LIECHTENSTEIN (21.-27.9.2020). Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien in Kooperation mit Elisabeth Handl / 1000AND1.

STAUNEN, ENTDECKEN, VERSTEHEN - als Programmatik der Wunderkammer aus Renaissance und Barock, bekommt in der Wunderkammer von AMÚR Wien eine neue Dimension. Information, Erstaunen und verdauendes Verstehen gehen hier Hand in Hand und führen in ein Geflecht aus Konfrontationen und Einsichten.

DIE WURZEL-WUNDERKAMMER wird ALS PERFORMATIVE INSTALLATION MULTISENSORIELL ERFAHRBAR. Sie enthüllt die Wurzel als obskures Fundstück, als unterirdischen Bedeutungs- und Informationsträger, der auch oberirdisch seine Wirkung entfaltet. Die Wurzel-Wunderkammer folgt den feinen Verästelungen, mit denen die Wurzel sich im Leben von uns Menschen eingeschrieben hat, als Substanz, Metapher, Nahrungsmittel. Sich verdichtete und überlagernde Motiv- und Assoziationsketten zu essbaren Substanzen, zu vergessenen oder verborgenen Ressourcen machen aktuelle gesellschaftliche Themen nahbar.

Fotocredit: Sandra Maier Gefördert durch ein Arbeitsstipendium der Stadt Wien

2020: Installation and Booklet; Client: PUIG, Paris/FRANCE, in the studio of artist Marina Faust, Vienna/Austria. Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien in cooperation with Elisabeth Handl / 1000AND1

A sensory exploration of Vienna via food - A short introduction into Vienna’s traditional aromas

WHAT HAS SHAPED ALL THAT WE CALL TYPICAL? AND HOW DOES THIS TYPICALLY PERMANENT CHANGE THROUGH NEW INFLUENCES? In order to get an impression of the specific nuances (taste and smell) of the officially promoted side of Vienna, the classic "Viennese Breakfast" is examined for its current relevance and reinterpreted by AMÚR Wien: typical and traditional flavours inspired by the former crown lands of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, regional and seasonal specialities enriched with wild fruits, unexpected aromas, spices and herbs - all the different traces that shaped and still influence and shape what we define as specific will melt on the tongue.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Handl

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