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2016: Micro-Cosmos Food. A performative installation. Bock auf Kultur-Festival, Jewish Museum Hohenems/AUSTRIA, Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien


THE TASTE OF FOOD CAN TAKE YOU BACK TO A TIME AND PLACE IN AN INSTANT. TASTE IS THEREFORE ALSO A MEMORY OF OUR SENSATIONS AND MEMORIES. Vorarlberg and the Rhine Valley have always been on the move due to the migration and influence of people of different origins. Many "strangers" found work and home here, many "natives" made their fortune abroad. All of them as well as people of the current wave of refugees, have introduced dishes from their countries of origin. The perception and description of taste as well as the combination of aromas are shaped by origin and eating habits.

Edible traces of the cookery books of the Jewish Landauer family from the inn "Zur schönen Aussicht"/"Zur Schanet", which was once the central meeting place in Hohenems, are combined on one table with various other culinary influences that characterize the region. The figure of Empress Sisi, Countess of Hohenembs, as a symbol of the "eternally wandering people on paths that include all past, all present and all future" is found not least as a reference to our modern forms of existence.

Visitors of the event contributed recipes of their place of longing in the world.

Fotocredits: Kochbuch von Nanette Landauer und von Liliaen Bollag (Adler) / Dokumentenarchiv Jüdisches Museum Hohenems

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