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GENIUS loci - Stories of Creation

2022: Arts-Based-Research Project, Mölltal/AUSTRIA

Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien

GENIUS loci approaches the permanent crossing of the world as an infinite continuum of creative references through a multi-perspective search for traces regarding the interaction of plants, people and water. The Möll Valley with its rivers and wetlands becomes the input for this artistic research work, which subsumes knowledge, memory, perception and interpretation.

The (plant) materials used in a concrete place (real or as relicts of earlier forms of life) are explored in their function as fluid carriers of meaning and as artistic materials. Changing environments become perceptible not only through their changing colourfulness and formal language, but also in their interaction with traditions, cultures and identities. Possibilities for new interactions between plants, humans and water are explored as transformations and metamorphoses of the living.

Photo credit: Charlotte Schneider and AMÚR Wien Supported by a working grant from the province of Carinthia


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