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2017: Feast of fine cross-links in the studio of artist Barbara Anna Husar, Vienna/AUSTRIA. With Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien, Barbara Anna Husar and Elisabeth Handl / 1000AND1. Other contributors, music, literature etc: Cloud of Chi, Silke Eggl, Stefan Frauenberger, Eugen Fulterer, Reinhard Mader, Susanne Miggitsch, Rita Newman, Bianca Pruner.

IN A JOINT EVENT, ARTISTS AND CREATIVE MINDS RAISE THE FLAG OF FINE NETWORKING AS TOWER PIRATES - INVITING VISITORS TO SURF ON WAVES OF PLEASURE AND SENSES IN PARALLEL TIME TRACKS AND TO EXPLORE CURRENT THRESHOLD EVENTS TOGETHER. The starting points are the subtle discoveries of the conquerors of the world's oceans based on historical models: pirates had access to material and information that was unknown in most places. Therefore they had woven a special web of connecting threads. They also used this diversity and freedom of combination of ingredients for culinary world conquests. Culinary and creative caper voyages, which led from the Indian Ocean via the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, the Sea of Fog and the China Sea, structure this voyage of discovery and were celebrated with a selected group of guests.

Photo credits: Rita Newman


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