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2021: performative participatory installation, Festival Walserherbst, Walsertal/AUSTRIA

Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien in cooperation with Elisabeth Handl / 1000AND1

An unusual collection and exhibition space invites visitors into the realm of the root. A sensual search for clues reveals unmined natural treasures and broadens perspectives. Traditional ingredients, historical sources, exotic taste experiences, witty concoctions and radical stories make the essences of the roots tasty. Let us open our mouths, let the root melt on our tongues, let us gain access to new worlds through digestive understanding. Through the root as an obscure find, as a forgotten or underestimated vegetable, as a reservoir of resources, energy and nutrients, as an anchor, as an object of study, in the form of streams of ideas and belief systems. Roots-Chamber of Miracles exposes its subterranean and supernatural powers of action.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Handl

Supported by a working grant from the City of Vienna:


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