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2020: Installation and Booklet; Client: PUIG, Paris/FRANCE, in the studio of artist Marina Faust, Vienna/Austria. Renate Burger / AMÚR Wien in cooperation with Elisabeth Handl / 1000AND1

A sensory exploration of Vienna via food - A short introduction into Vienna’s traditional aromas

WHAT HAS SHAPED ALL THAT WE CALL TYPICAL? AND HOW DOES THIS TYPICALLY PERMANENT CHANGE THROUGH NEW INFLUENCES? In order to get an impression of the specific nuances (taste and smell) of the officially promoted side of Vienna, the classic "Viennese Breakfast" is examined for its current relevance and reinterpreted by AMÚR Wien: typical and traditional flavours inspired by the former crown lands of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, regional and seasonal specialities enriched with wild fruits, unexpected aromas, spices and herbs - all the different traces that shaped and still influence and shape what we define as specific will melt on the tongue.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Handl


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